Hi. I'm Kallie.

I'm a mom of twins and my husband has very good dad jokes. I love coffee, books, true crime podcasts and having a good quiet night at home. I do love going to concerts and trying new things, though. It's all about balance, ya know?

I was born and raised in northeast Ohio. My husband and I tare taking the plunge and relocating to Las Vegas, NV next month!

 I love a board game night, but I am super competitive so scrabble can get a little intense.  I like red wine and my favorite snack is guacamole and tortilla chips. I consider myself artistic and creative and I will always try to DIY things. I am a music loving person and if you want, I will 100% share my most recent Spotify playlists with you.

I think that every person, couple and family is unique and I want to capture that in photos. I love being able to document genuine and real people. I really enjoy making people laugh and that's the name of the game with my photography. I want to see your happiness and capture the unscripted moments. I'm a weirdo and I want to be the photographer for all of my fellow weirdos.