• Kallie Lou Weisgarber

Hunger on the Chisholm Trail - M. Ennenbach

A group of cattle drivers are on their way to the small town of Duncan for a rest when they start realizing they’re not the only ones on the Chisholm Trail. Something powerful is stalking through the west looking for prey.

This is the second book in Death’s Head Press’ splatter western series (the first one ruled). Thank you to @deathsheadpress and @night_worms for this#nightwormsbookparty free book.

Alright, to me, this book was fine. Not amazing and not bad. The beginning of the book didn’t hold my attention like the last quarter of it did. The part of the book that takes place on the trail was a little bit all over the timeline and, at times, was confusing. Once the pace picks up a bit and the setting is finally Duncan, the story slows down with the time line jumps.

Most of the characters felt stereo-typically spaghetti western. The dialogue was a little cliched but never dull. Karl Beck was a pretty cool guy overall and probably the only character I really liked in the book.

Overall, it’s a good book. There was some decent gore and a few scenes that were genuinely unsettling. I really enjoyed the twist on the traditional

creature lore in this story. That didn’t make up for, though, the bad pacing and time line jumping in the first bit of the book. I have this book rated at 3 stars. I think my bar is also set high because the first book in the unconnected series is AMAZING.