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Malorie Review from Andrew AKA The Book Dad

MALORIE is the breathtaking sequel to Malerman's dystopian novel, BIRDBOX. The story begins right where the character's left off and quickly fast-forwards to a time where Malorie's children are teenagers. Although the three characters have successfully survived many years "living by the fold", blind to the new world, they find themselves leaving the comfort of the place they have called home for many years to embark on a journey that could mean life or death. The world is still inhabited by the creatures that plague mankind and their numbers have multiplied. The mystery surrounding these creatures still shrouds the new world but maybe change is coming, maybe it's only a train ride away.⁣

Malerman is definitely one of my absolute favorite writers and MALORI is the perfect example of why. There were times while reading this story where I thought my heart might leap out of my chest because it was beating so hard. The novel is full of non-stop tension and suspense and it certainly lives up to all the hype. My only issue with the story was something that can be expected in a sequel or a conclusive novel. I thought everything wrapped up a little too quickly and too easily. It had no effect on my reading experience but I guess I expected a little more, more from the story and more from the antagonist. Maybe it's just a bitter sweet kind of thing because I love the story so, so much.⁣

MALORIE is a jaw-dropping emotional roller coaster that will leave readers in absolute awe. I 100% recommend this book, not just for fans of the horror genre, but for all who love to read. Not all heroes wear capes and Josh Malerman is this reader's hero of horror fiction.⁣

MALORIE by @joshmalerman


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