• Kallie Lou Weisgarber

Night of the Mannequins - Stephen Graham Jones

I first read MONGRELS by Stephen Graham Jones and fell in love with his writing. When @tordotcompub sent me a review copy of NIGHT OF THE MANNEQUINS I almost lost my mind with excitement. This novella is great. It has SGJ's unique voice and writing style all over it.

The story follows a group of teenagers as a seemingly harmless prank goes from teenage fun to chaos in a very short time. Is it supernatural or all in our main characters head? You'll have to read to find out.

You guys, this is the type of story that really scares me. The idea that one of my friends could be doing something terrible but I had no clue is terrifying to m (the movie THEY LOOK LIKE PEOPLE is a great example). I loved seeing this type of terror from the POV of the friend that is 'maybe' losing their marbles. I also love books that leave things up to the reader to interpret. I think it's more interesting when the book ends with a question mark instead of a period.

This is a book that every horror lover should read. The author's writing is so unique and expressive and the story is one that will make you scared of your best friends. If that isn't good horror, I don't know what is.