• Kallie Lou Weisgarber

Of Foster Homes & Flies - Chad Lutzke

I read Of Foster Homes and Flies last night in a single sitting. There is so much to love about this book. Chad Lutzke has an easy way of writing that made it easy for me to connect to the main character, Denny. How Lutzke managed to give a young boy such depth in so few pages is beyond me. I felt connected to Denny after just two pages. He’s a character that you want to root for and feel extreme pity and sadness for. When he celebrated, I did too. When he cried, I tested up. It may be because I’m a parent, but I just love Denny. I caught myself thinking about where Denny is now over coffee this morning. How his life turned out once it was no longer being recorded on the page. He feels so real to me. And in such a short book, that is such a testament to Lutzke’s writing capabilities.

The grief in this story is palpable on every page. It was hard to read at points because of it. It made me just want to scoop Denny up and tell him it would all be okay. As the story progressed and Denny got closer to his goal, you could feel the weight on his chest and you could see him unraveling. Watching a child have to act strong and be the adult in house hold is tough enough without adding everything that Denny goes through.

I can not recommend this book enough for when you really just want your heart ripped out.