• Kallie Lou Weisgarber

SuperGhost - Scott Cole

I read SuperGhost by @scottcole1313 in one sitting. It was the exact weird bizzaro sci fi that I needed after the heavy stories I’ve been reading as of late. This book has a really unique concept and I was really interested in seeing how Cole made this one go. I mean, an evil scientist steals phantom limbs from amputees and creates a massive ‘superghost’ out of them? SIGN ME UP.

This book was quick and fun and incredibly weird in the best possible way. I loved the progression of the story and the creative way that the protagonists fight the superghost.

The dialogue was a bit messy at times. I also had a small issue with a character that seemed to have too many of the answers and seemed to just have too perfect of connections. I wish there was more of a natural transition in the main characters finding the help they needed to fight the superghost.

I’m giving this one 3.75/5 stars (rounded to 4 for goodreads).

It was a silly and weird read that I’d recommend to anyone needing a quick bizzaro pick-me-up