• Kallie Lou Weisgarber

The Girl in the Video - Michael David Wilson

YOU GUYS THIS BOOK KILLED ME. Ripped out my soul. Maybe it's that I read Spungunion and this one back to back, but my book hangover is STRONG.

First off, the characters in this book are really easy to connect to. In a comfortable relationship, deciding what their next step is, etc. It's all something I, as a married mom, can remember well from earlier in my relationship. I'm also a musician, so that constant music references were really cool to hear (even though I had to look up some of the bands mentioned). I also thought that all the talk of social media was easy to relate to.

I thought this book was timed out perfectly, especially for being a shorter book with so much to say. Once things get weird, they just keep getting weirder until the utter heart break that is the ending. When this book ended, I just sat and stared off into space for a few minutes because I needed to process what I had just read and what the characters in this book went through, and what they would end up having to go through after the books conclusion.

Overall, this book is the type of horror I love. It's the type of stuff that can happen to any of us for no more reason than us just living our lives or doing our jobs. It gave me some strong PENPAL vibes (which is a great thing because that book also messed me up). It's a well written horror story that doesn't just end when the book ends. You'll find yourself playing out what you think will happen after the books final act, it's inevitable.

What I'm saying is, BUY AND READ THIS BOOK ASAP. This is a writer who I am eagerly waiting to read more from.

Thank you to @pmmpublishing and @wilsonthewriter for my copy of this book that crushed my whole entire heart.