• Kallie Lou Weisgarber

The House that Fell from the Sky - Patrick Delaney

As a person, I have a pet peeve of strangers oversharing with me. As a reader, I have a pet peeve of books oversharing the wrong details. That’s where I am landing with THE HOUSE THAT FELL FROM THE SKY by Patrick Delaney. I almost DNF’d because there was just too much information at the beginning of the book about things that I didn’t want to know about. I think this is an example of too much back story and character building, which is a thing I thought I would never say. The premise of this story is great and really the only reason I kept reading after 100 pages. A big, old, mysterious, and creepy house just appears one day and a super sketchy organization holds a Willy-Wonka-golden-ticket-style lottery for people to enter. Haunted Houses are my jam and I will show up for them time and time again. However, it was over half way into the book before we got really anything about this specific haunted house. I also kept forgetting that the characters in this book are full grown adults. They sounded like a bunch of teenagers most of the time.

I think this author shows lots of potential, but this book could have done with a good editing session that cut out a lot of the extra, unnecessary stuff. I liked Delaney’s prose a lot. It is easy and compelling, though his character descriptions could use a little help. I would definitely read something else from him… but maybe something shorter. 2 stars.