• Kallie Lou Weisgarber

The Magpie Coffin - Wile E. Young

Everyone is scared of Salem Covington and with good reason. He is known as the Black Magpie and he was taught the ways of Native American magics. He can't be killed and he can talk to the dead, he has no fear. So when a group of soldiers kill someone very near to Covington's heart, they bring his wrath upon themselves. The book follows Covington on his quest for revenge.

First, thanks to @night_worms and @deathsheadpress for my copy of the first Splatter Western book in this series. (When I say series, I mean that each book is a stand alone, but it's still all a part of the same series.) This book is brutal, you guys. I loved it. Our main character was not afraid of violence. Giving or receiving. Covington is a character I would LOVE to learn more about, and I heard through the grapevine that we'll get more of him from this author in the future. Salem is deep and dark and brooding. He is scary, but I want to sit next to him at a bar sipping whiskey so he can tell me all of his stories. He is the kind of cool that you want to be around, but the kind of cool you are scared to be around.

I know I mentioned the brutality of this book already, but this author really deserves an award for some of these scenes. Young is imaginative and honestly a little creepy for coming up with these kills, but I am here for it and I look forward to what he does next. He is definitely and author I'm going to keep an eye on, and you should too.

This book is one that goes in my top 10 of 2020 thus far. It's creative cruelty and compelling characters make for a book that you can't put down. It feels like it has just scratched the surface of a much deeper story, that I can't stop thinking about. I keep coming back to it in my mind asking questions and presenting different theories. Y'all need to read this book asap so we can talk about it!