• Kallie Lou Weisgarber

The Night Silver River Run Red - Christine Morgan

I have to admit that I was starting to fall out of love with this splatter western series. Wile E. Young kicked off the series with an AMAZING book and then the next few kind of just fell flat for me. But this one really fanned the flames for me. Christine Morgan, an author I had not read previously, is definitely someone I'm going to be keeping my eye on.

She set this book up perfectly with a wild teen, Cody, from an uptight town who wants nothing more than to make life exciting, even if it means paying the consequences. But when a super creepy (and kind of amazing) carnival type show pops up in town, Cody is excited and the town of Silver River is skeptical. Of course chaos ensues and Cody along with his friends never could have imagined the consequences.

It’s my opinion that this installment in the series was lacking in the blood, guts and gore that the first few had. That’s not to say it is nonexistent, just that there wasn’t nearly as much and for a SPLATTER western, I just wanted more of the icky stuff. I also had a hard time with about the first quarter of this book. It was slow paced and a little boring. But once this book gets going, it gets going hard. I quickly forgot about the slow pacing of the beginning.

I really enjoyed the dialogue of this book. The last few novels in this series had some wording that was uncomfortable and unnecessary but this one really hit the nail on the head. It was fun and witty, which is one of the reasons I want to pick up more by this author. There was also a nice break up in the middle of the book with some stories from different parts of town. I’m usually not a fan of that type of change of pacing in a book, but this one just worked for me. It helped to give a bigger perspective to the reader.

I’m giving THE NIGHT SILVER RIVER RUN RED 4 stars. That slow beginning kept me from giving this one five stars. This is one of my favorite in the series so far, second to Wile E. Young’s MAGPIE COFFIN. This splatter western series from Death’s Head Press has been so fun to read along with my Night Worms Crew for these Night Worms book parties. Thanks to Christine Morgan, Death’s Head Press and Night Worms for my e-copy of this book. I can’t wait to read more in this series and from this author.