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Hey. Hi. Hello.

I'm Kallie.


I'm Kallie. I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. As a kid in northeast Ohio, my mom really encouraged my artistic side. I like to draw things that people don't like or that they are scared of. Cryptids and bugs and weird birds and the like. I like to show beauty in the "uglier" things. I make block prints and watercolor paintings and I am excited to share them with you. I discovered photography as an adult and found a beautiful new medium to express myself. With photography, I specialize in creative portraiture and I have been published in multiple fashion magazines.


I currently live in Las Vegas with my partner, our dachshund and our twin kiddos. I take commissions for all kinds of things including murals, tattoo designs, pet and family portraits and many more! I photograph all kinds of events and portraits, including weddings, fashion shows, couples portraits, pet portraits and product photography. I have the urge to create every day and I love trying new techniques. I'll be making art and taking photos forever.


Sarze Magazine - Fashion Flavour Edition

Through the Lens Fashion Magazine - Swimsuit Edition

MMM Magazine - Mora Modeling Magaine Juniors

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