Hey, hi, hello. I'm Kallie. I'm ready to make you feel like the icon that you are.

I'm Kallie. I am the photographer behind Page & Parlor Photography. I have always been an artist and I've made traditional art for as long as I can remember. After my partner, Seth, and I had our twin daughters, Charlie and Frankie, we decided to get a camera. Just something to have on hand to take photos of our kiddos as they got older. So we ordered a used Nikon from eBay, nothing super fancy, but nice enough that we could take decent photos and have them printed. The moment I picked up that camera and started learning how to use it, I fell in love. It was like a light went off. I had always been an artist and I had finally found my perfect medium for making art. I have been shooting basically non-stop since then. I have spent countless hours on education, learning about how my camera works and how to get the look and feel I love in photos. I've learned about the proper ways to edit and compose photos and I use all of those skills with every single client I shoot to ensure that they have the best possible photo session and that they feel relaxed and at ease. I have been published in multiple fashion magazines and I hope to be published in many more in the coming years.

A few things to know about me: I read a TON and I love a creepy podcast (I'm a true crime fan). I have a dachshund named Milo and whoppers are my favorite candy. I never turn down a veggie taco (ten years and counting as a vegetarian) and I love my family more than life itself. I'm just a cool mom looking to make other cool people feel like rock stars.

Hit the button below and let's get your perfect shoot rolling. I can't wait to talk to you.


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